You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

Enjoy a social game of classic shuffleboard digitized to entertain everyone from beginners to professionals. Simply a game with no losers.

Enjoy The Experience

So what's so special about our games?

At Shufl we say "It's not about the games - it's the experience". Our games are a combination of tech and real shuffleboard which makes it fun and accessible for all.

A Closer Look at our Games



Our modern version of the classic shuffle. All the pucks on the table count, and the team with the most points wins a round.


All the pucks on the table count, but you only get the points if you are the first to conquer the zone, or have more pucks than the opponent in the zone.


The closest you'll get to curling without freezing. Place the pucks as close to the center of the target area as possible to get the most points.

It's all about fun & games

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