Make the most out of your gastro gaming experience!

Our carefeully curated packages cater for most occasions, so surprise your guests with and elevated shuffleboard, drink and dining experience that promises to tantalise all the senses.

Our Offers

Only 350,- per table - all summer!
Our special Summer Offer is the perfect chance to bring your friends to SHUFL. In fact, it gets cheaper the more friends you bring, as you only pay a fixed price for 85 minutes per table, for up to 8 players. Welcome to SHUFL, Aker Brygge!
Try some of Aker Brygges best pizzas!
At SHUFL we make our pizzas from scratch, with only the best and freshest ingredients.

If you visit Aker Brygge you should try one!
Fun for the whole family at SHUFL!
This summer you can bring the whole family to SHUFL!
For only NOK 500 you can enjoy 2 hours of shuffleboard and get a 20% discount on our delicious pizzas.
Applies to 2 adults and up to 4 children under 18.
See you at SHUFL!
Tuesday is students' day at SHUFL!
Every Tuesday we open our doors to students and give a 50% discount on 85 minutes of shuffleboard.
In addition, you get student prices on beer by showing your student ID.
Bring the whole class and enjoy a social and fun evening.
Industry evening at SHUFL every Wednesday!
Every Wednesday we invite the industry to play 85 minutes of shuffleboard for free!
In addition, we offer industry prices on beer and -20% on pizza.
Bring your colleagues and we'll see you on Wednesdays at SHUFL!

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